- Petroleum Peepshow CD

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"Otto Von Schirach's mentally malladjusted and politically determined alter-ego returns to terrify the complacent masses and wreak havock with a world already gone totally wrong. The Petroleum Peep Show is the third and concluding part in the series that began with the Petroleum G-string 7" and the Megadebt mini-album, this time round unleashing Otto's most demented, uncompromising and frustrated beats and voice edits to date, giving it some distorted human beatbox business, guerillacore mashups and some insanely dense noise cuts. Otto's legendary re-configuration of the theme tune to "Inspector Gadget" is also included for all your messed-up pleasure. The breakcore psychosis stays strong, fusing bass, booty, jungle, and hip-hop to incendiary effect. This music should come to be seen as Otto's defining work. Remember kids - its always about get moving! Ace." -Boomkat
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